Strong is Beautiful

Womens tennis news has been pretty drab of late, what with Serena Williams being stalked, being told she deserved to be stalked for wearing sexy clothes by the Sporting News, and having to watch her sister sing 311 karaoke on a booze cruise. Thankfully, I FINALLY get to write something positive about tennis (besides my weird obsession with Martina Hingis when I was younger) as the WTA has launched their “Strong is Beautiful” campaign, which is a lot like WWE’s “Smart, Sexy and Powerful!” campaign for their female wrestlers, only these people are actually strong and beautiful.
From the press release:

Drawing upon athleticism and grace – a unique combination that has turned the stars of the WTA into the most recognizable and followed female athletes on the planet – the campaign places the personal stories, pressures and dreams of the players front of stage. The creative is designed to support the WTA’s efforts to establish a deeper engagement with fans around the world and to promote both the sport’s next generation of players along with current established names.
The end result is a celebration of strong women from all corners of the world. Through all of life’s difficult circumstances, the players’ love for the sport and determination to succeed prevails. The new ad campaign is a life example that being physically and mentally strong is beautiful.

So flip through our gallery of the released pictures and videos of the campaign and take a look, I think you’ll like it. It’s hard to find pretty pictures of sports that don’t involve bikinis or dunking.

[WTA Tennis ]