Mets Star Noah Syndergaard Speared A Guy In The Heart In His ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cameo

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In case you managed to somehow miss it, Game of Thrones got wild on Sunday night with the best episode of season 7 so far. Tucked away in the intense battle scene — SPOILER WARNING: if you’re worried about spoilers, this is where you should probably pull the rip cord and eject from this post now — that had the whole internet talking was a very brief and under the radar sports cameo.

Again, I cannot emphasize enough how there are spoilers coming in this post, so again, go away if you don’t want them. Alright, so here we go. In the middle of the Lannister army, on the spear brigade, was Mets’ star pitcher Noah Syndergaard, aka Thor, who made his small screen debut in the massive battle between the Lannisters and Daenerys’ Dothraki army.

While the Dothraki charged in and did some extremely cool stuff like jump up on their horses like they were surfboards in order to fire arrows at the Lannisters, Syndergaard drew blood by launching a spear through a Dothraki’s heart.

A Syndergaard fan even made him a GIF of his throw — although, not complete with the spear striking a Dothraki — to commemorate his appearance.

Unfortunately for Syndergaard, his cameo ended much more poorly than Ed Sheeran’s did, as it’s fair to assume he was eventually consumed by dragon’s fire as Daenerys flew around on Drogon torching the Lannister forces. It was a tremendous battle scene, easily up there among the best ever on Game of Thrones — and also probably one of the most expensive with all the people and dragons and fire and horses (oh my) — and in the middle of it all was a little sports.