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Demetrius Pepper loves Gamecock Spring Practice games:

COLUMBIA, S.C. – A man killed a 60-year-old woman and shot a store clerk to get cars on his way to see his brother, who was playing football at the University of South Carolina, authorities said Saturday.  Demetrius M. Pepper, 24, was arrested outside of the stadium where the team was playing a scrimmage game, Newberry County deputies said. His brother, Nathan Pepper, is a rising junior defensive lineman for the Gamecocks.

And you call yourself a fan.  All of us should be ashamed for failing to attend athletic contests because of whatever paltry excuses we could devise.  Demetrius has set the bar high for us, but I know if we really put our minds to it, we can achieve the level of fanaticism our athletes deserve.  First step, acquire a gun license – there's no reason to add to the litany of criminal charges.

He rang the doorbell and forced his way in after Halfacre answered, fatally shooting her before taking another vehicle, [Sheriff Lee] Foster said.  “There were two cars in the yard that had keys in them. All he had to do was take the car. He didn’t have to go in and kill her over a car,” Foster said.

OK, maybe D. Pepper went a little of the deep end, but who wouldn't get jacked-up to watch his brother play a scrimmage game.  Seriously this is a horrible story, but I can guarantee some deranged SEC/USC fans will retell this story with pride in their eyes: "Our fans kill people to get to games." -KD

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