This Gamer’s Celebration After A Street Fighter V Win Was Unbelievably Disrespectful

03.12.17 1 year ago 10 Comments

ESports are absolutely sports, and at times can give us moments that traditional sports can’t due to rules, written or unwritten. One of the best examples of this comes from a Street Fighter V competition on Saturday night in Atlanta, when a pair of rivals with prior beef (oh, yes, there’s gamer beef) went head-to-head and the resulting celebration from the winner is the single most disrespectful thing I think I have ever seen.

Kenneth “KBrad” Bradley defeatedJ oshua “Wolfkrone” Philpot 2-0 to advance in the tournament, with neither fight being particularly close. After winning he stands up, steps over his opponent with one leg, turns and stares into his face from about two inches away for a solid 25 seconds. At one point, he helps take Wolfkrone’s headset off, sets it down, then turns back to get a little more. It’s fantastic.

This would get you fined and suspended in the NFL (and likely fought). Can you imagine if someone caught a touchdown over someone, stood over the corner and stared at them for 15 seconds, talking smack, then took their helmet off and kept doing it? It’d rain yellow flags, give Roger Goodell a panic attack and would almost assuredly start a brawl.

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