Gangnam Style Is Officially Dead. Thanks A Lot, NFL On Fox.

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.08.12 5 Comments

NFL On Fox Gangnam StyleWe hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.

Psy’s international hit ‘Gangnam Style’ has gone Full Macarena. What started off as funny thing to share with people on the Internet became a legitimate crossover success, grew into a slew of on-the-ball parody videos and eventually became a kinda-tired thing that was still fun to do with cheerleaders. Now, thanks to NFL On Fox, Gangnam Style has reached its penultimate evolutionary milestone: it’s a thing old people do when they’re trying to be funny. Now it either has to explode, or show up five years from now in an Adam Sandler comedy (or on wrestling) to complete the cycle.

Anyway, they look like they’re having fun, so I can’t talk too much shit about it, but man, I don’t ever want Jimmy Johnson to look at me like that again. It’s like he’s erotically churning butter.

[h/t Sports Crackle Pop]

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