Gareth Maybin Has Perfected The Golf Trick Shots Video

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04.24.13 3 Comments

gareth maybin trick shotsDon’t let the title of this video fool you …


… look to the YouTube video description for full details.

Golf Tricks Very Good

If that’s not search engine optimization, I don’t know what is. Meet Gareth Maybin, 443rd-in-the-world golf professional out of Northern Ireland, ranked a bright, shiny #1 on whatever chart determines the best trick shot videos. You know that old clip of Tiger Woods wedge-juggling that everybody went crazy for? It might as well be VHS footage of you having a birthday party at Putt-Putt when you were five.

I’m overstating it a little, but damn, Maybin’s hand-eye coordination is ridiculous. Highlights include him sinking a putt over his shoulders (seriously), hitting a falling ball that he’s just spit out of his mouth and sniping a soda can off his friend’s head. It’s ridiculous. Golf should just be this. Watch it, love it, show it to people.

[h/t to Shane at Devil Ball Golf]

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