Watch A Darts Crowd Explode After An Incredibly Rare Nine Darter

07.27.18 10 months ago

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Hey, it’s been a long week, the weekend is but a few hours (or perhaps minutes!) away, and you might need a jolt of energy to get to the finish line. For that jolt of energy, I recommend watching this video of Scottish darts player Gary Anderson causing a crowd in Blackpool, England to become completely unglued in the magical way that only darts crowds can lose their minds.

That would be a nine darter. To compare the accomplishment to something in another sport, think of a hole-in-one in golf: A singular moment of brilliance within the confines of a larger event that is so exceedingly rare that it is a moment of history. Prior to Thursday, there had been 51 televised nine-dart finishes ever, and thanks to Anderson’s mastery of the darts, we got No. 52.

Anderson, currently ranked No. 4 in the world and a two-time world champion, faced off against Joe Cullen in the quarterfinals of the 2018 World Matchplay. He found himself trailing Cullen in legs, 2-1, but in the match’s fourth leg, Anderson caught lightning in a bottle.

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