Gary Bettman Is Not Concerned

10.17.06 11 years ago

Remember how most NHL teams raised ticket prices just a year after that lockout thing cancelled an entire season of hockey? I know, I know: it sounds like a great idea and a shrewd business move, but attendance is actually down this season. Believe me, I'm just as shocked as you are.

Is commissioner Gary Bettman concerned? Fuck no he isn't.

"It's a couple weeks into the season and any speculation would be premature," Bettman was quoted as saying in Tuesday's Los Angeles Times… Bettman, the Times said, blamed the "schedule being a little different. It's a little premature two to three weeks into the season to be writing attendance stories."

 Oh, well that's a relief. I would have thought that hockey fans would go to some games because they were excited by the start of a new season. But the schedule is different, see? Hockey fans wanted to go to the games, but they went to the arena at the wrong time. Now it makes sense. Thanks Gary!

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