*GASP* Lingerie League Seen As Sexist

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06.25.10 10 Comments

On August 27 at the Showare Center Arena in Kent, Washington, the Los Angeles Temptation and Seattle Mist will kick off the 2010/11 Lingerie Football League season, offering women on 10 teams throughout the country the opportunity to prove that they can play a mean game of pigskin, too. Of course, they have to do it in their sexy underwear, but there’s nothing wrong with that, right? RIGHT???

Apparently there is, writes Orlando Sentinel columnist Shannon Owens, who has dusted off the “Why do female athletes have to be attractive to be successful” flag in an attempt to rally the troops against the idea of “sex sells” as an acceptable justification for female sports, as well as the exhibitionism of this league. You know, that women choose to play in. Some even drive across states for the opportunity, mainly because they think it’s fun. But I guess we need to walk a mile in their stiletto heels to really understand it.

Surely these women are all ashamed of their trade, Orlando Sentinel:

“This is the only outlet on a professional level [to play football],” Veronica Moor of the Orlando Fantasy told me.

Moor loves football. She has quarterbacked in various semi-professional and recreational leagues for seven years. She was prepared to drive to Tampa to try out for the city’s LFL team until she learned Orlando would have one in her backyard.

“Sex sells,” Moor said. “I learned that in my first year in marketing in college. And if sex will bring people into the seats, then I’m for it. We’ll keep them in there with our performance. It’s been that way in women’s sports since we came in wearing skirts to play baseball.”

Owens admits that while it’s wrong that women athletes be judged on their looks, her own newspaper’s web site links to a variety of photo galleries featuring attractive swimsuit models, athlete wives and girlfriends, and yes, Lingerie Football League players. She invokes points like Title IX and the All-American Professional Baseball League, citing the strides that so many women have made in their respective sports in order to succeed. And looking at Maria Sharapova’s legs reminds me what great strides they are. *ducks errant purse swing*

Additionally, Owens posted a follow-up blog on the Sentinel’s web site yesterday, continuing her grandstanding about the insult of the existence of this league. And then she kindly links to a photo gallery of Lingerie Football League players. Seriously.

Follow Chicago Bliss captain Danielle Moinet on Twitter to see how much she hates playing in this league and how little fun she has promoting it.

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