An Intense Gator Fight Turned Golfers Into Awe-Struck Spectators

Golfers at Panthers Run in North Carolina were treated to a nice mid-hole distraction last week — two massive alligators fighting on the 18th hole. We’ve already seen horse-on-gator crime this year, so I suppose all that was missing was some gator-on-gator action and we can all just skip to 2018.

This fight is a slow burn, but it’s still the best fight at a golf course you can possibly see. Two gators fighting over territory humans have co-opted for their fancy lawn games? Come on, that’s way better than finishing a nice, quiet round and getting a beer at the 19th hole. Let’s get to the action.

The tail whips and splashing are initially a bit sparse, however, as one gator is locked in the other’s jaws for much of it. At one point, the golfer regrettably filming this in portrait says “that other one’s gotta be about dead, right?”

Wrong, my dude. Very wrong.

That other gator simply can’t do much because the bite strength on a gator is massive—about 300 pounds per square inch—while its opening muscles are underdeveloped. That smaller fella simply has to bide its time and wait for the bigger guy to let go before it can get back into the fight.

A crowd of a dozen or so golfers stop to watch the battle, until finally the bigger gator lets go and the younger, smaller fella gives up the challenge and slowly backs away. Definitely give this video a play all the way through, because if you have autoplay enabled on YouTube, the rest of your day will be a montage of wild gator fights, which isn’t a bad substitute for whatever you were going to watch on Netflix tonight.