06.20.07 11 years ago 38 Comments

Following yesterday's troubling love-letter to Brady Quinn in Men's Health, a handsome tipster pointed out to me that NBC Sports is more than a little gay for semi-retired UFC fighter Ken Shamrock, the 43-year-old who lost to Tito Ortiz for the third consecutive time last October.

His sculpted biceps flex and gleam in the 107-degree heat as he delicately rubs another coat of sun block lotion on [his granddaughter].  This is the dichotomy of Ken Shamrock; he is undeniably strong, yet observant and caring… He's as calm as the blue sky above and as powerful as the desert sun beating down…

As if on cue, as if every card inside the resort's casino turned up a '21' at every blackjack table, a couple of people who had been staring at the ruggedly handsome Shamrock from across the pool have now gotten up the courage to approach. He sincerely acknowledges the good wishes by extending his hand. Ripples can't help moving through his muscular arm and the fans can't contain giant smiles of excitement in shaking hands with a legend.

Yikes.  That writer did everything but beg for a Shamrock shake.  I'm not sure if I can look at UFC the same way any more.  This is so messed up. When I think about UFC, I want to think about two muscular, sweaty guys in hot pants grappling and getting rough with each other, not something gay.

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