‘Gentlemen! You Can’t Fight In Here! This Is The War Room!’

08.20.10 9 years ago 2 Comments
  • I’m in a rather badass fantasy football league sponsored by P&G. My almost-corporate team name is “Dayquil: Fighter Of The NyQuil.” Here’s an analysis of the draft that we had yesterday.

    Midwest Sports Fans.

  • My fantasy team is here.


  • Michelle Beadle plays softball with the Jonas Brothers. Oh, Michelle. You could gun down a kennel full of puppies in cold blood and you’d still be adorable.

    Outside The Boxscore.

  • Some of the latest and more interesting episodes of drinking and driving.


  • Another top ten: press soundbites from athletes. “It’s not about the money” notably absent.


  • Does birth control make women smarter? Most of us are too busy plowing women to know for sure.


  • Football is almost here. Forget about the teams, we’d better see some good beer commercials this season.

    Rant Sports.

  • The best sports pranks of all time. Why yes, it is a list of ten, ordered from least to most humorous. Lucky guess.

    Bleacher Report.

  • Las Vegas is America’s most stressed-out city. Can’t imagine why (*blows on dice* *prays*)…


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