Georges St-Pierre Addressed Those Illness And Pregnancy Rumors With Fun Vacation Slides

If you’ve been following the drama fallout from UFC 167, you know that Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre won a split-decision against challenger Johny Hendricks that confused and enraged pretty much everyone who watched it, then announced he was taking time away from the octagon to handle mental and physical issues. TMZ jumped on the story and announced that “mental and physical issues” meant a dying father and an unplanned pregnancy. The MMA world has been standing around going HARUMPH HARUMPH the entire time.

Funny story: according to GSP himself, there were no mental issues, no physical issues, no dying father, no unwanted pregnancies … just a SUPER FUN BEACH VACATION.

Does this make GPS’s “say f*ck the lemons and bail” plan better or worse? Is winning a fight you didn’t deserve to win a good time to take a tropical vacation or the BEST time to? Let us know in our comments section below.

Also, feel free to share your fun beach photos, because why the hell not?