Watch Georges St-Pierre Get Beaten Down And Die A Hilarious Death In Steven Seagal’s ‘Killing Salazar’

He may be the most dominant welterweight champion in the history of the UFC, but when it comes to the movies, Georges St-Pierre is basically one step up from Glass Joe when it comes to his fighting abilities. He got thrashed by Steve Rogers in Captain America: Winter Soldier, gets his ass kicked on multiple occassions in the upcoming Kickboxer remake (sorry, SPOILERS), and appeared in two — count ’em *two* — Hector Echavarria movies, which are the filmmaking equivalent of having your balls repeatedly punched by, well, Hector Echavarria.

But in terms of pure embarrassment, nothing St-Pierre has ever done or will likely ever do even holds a candle to the above fight scene. Taken from Steven Seagal’s latest straight-to-the-bargain-bin-at-Best-Buy masterpiece Killing Salazar, GSP co-stars as Bruno Sinclaire, a nefarious criminal underlord of some kind that does battle with Seagal’s John Harrison, who I’m going to go ahead and assume is an untouchable special forces badass trapped in the body of a beached whale.

Even in terms of Seagal’s recent work, the fight scene is a comically humiliating display on almost every conceivable level. Not to get into another incredibly serious technique breakdown or anything, but just look at this goddamn exchange that kicks the fight off around the 3:15 mark. (1)

That footage was not altered in any way, folks. That was a real-time demonstration of the otherworldly powers of human manipulation that come from a lifetime of Aikido. Even Vladimir Putin is laughing his ass off right now.

Anyways, Seagal and St-Pierre then take a tumble over railing (by which I mean they straight up fall three-stories to the ground below) and resume their battle, which eventually culminates in what is easily the latter’s finest acting moment of all the times.

St. Pierre vs. Seagal 2

St-Pierre vs Seagal 3

Just, bravo.

I have no idea when Killing Salazar hits DVD stands and refuse to look into it because, if you are the type of person that would honestly spend $10 on this, then you are part of the problem.