A Georgia Fan Went Nuts After A TD, Put Himself Through A Window And Ended Up Hospitalized


As the above video shows, Georgia defeated Missouri 28-27 on a fourth-down pass to the end zone late in the game. If you’re a Tigers fan, it’s sad times. If you’re a Bulldogs fan, it’s happy times.

Although, if you’re the Bulldogs fan in the video, it’s euphoric rage times that will send you to a hospital.

Let’s address the thing you are probably thinking right now — is that video fake or staged? It feels that way, right? It feels like they rewound the DVR, pressed play, started recording on the phone but not before telling the rage monster, “After we score, lose your mind and we will get on TV.”

Which, may have been the case, but all the follow-ups of the rage dude in the hospital give the video a more authentic feel.



Installing breakaway glass for the purposes of a few thousand retweets would have been crazier than what this guy does, so let’s call this an intentional attempt at a viral video that went viral for all the wrong reasons. The DVR rewind seems probable, but the need for a hospital visit most certainly was not.

Or maybe it was. Who knows? Ever see the movie Single White Female? People with roommates will resort to wild tactics for attention, either from the internet or Steven Weber.

(Via Twitter)