Georgia Has A New Mascot, Still Stinks

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10.06.10 6 Comments

With a 1-4 start to this college football season, the Georgia Bulldogs have employed the bold strategy of giving the rest of the SEC a huge head start before they eventually make their run for a conference title. Some people, however, disagree with that assessment and maintain that Georgia simply sucks this year. Either way, it’s an exciting time to be alive in Athens, because in only 10 days the university will unveil their new mascot – Uga VIII.

When the Bulldogs gear up to play their Homecoming game against Vanderbilt on October 16, Sonny Seiler, the man who has long provided the school with its legacy of wrinkled pooches, will introduce the latest heir to the Uga name, as he claims this one is a descendent of Uga VI. Vanderbilt, on the other hand, has turned down repeated offers from Jay Cutler to reveal his “trouser snake.”

Make sure to apply only the finest peanut butter, Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Seiler said he could not provide details about Uga VIII until next week, when he said the university will issue a news release and distribute a photograph. The photo will be taken in Savannah later this week, he said.

Seiler did offer a couple of hints today, saying Uga VIII is a “big” dog and a direct descendant of Uga VI.

The new Uga will replace Russ, a 5-year old English bulldog that has been filling the mascot position since Uga VII passed away from sudden heart problems last year. Having briefly been an adopted dad to an older bulldog, those bastards are ticking time bombs once they hit 7, so Russ should feel lucky that he got his brief window of fame and just retire to a life as ADPi’s house dog.

In related news, Georgia is a 15-point favorite over Tennessee this Saturday which led to this response from coach Mark Richt:

“We’re a 13-point favorite? Wow! Hope they’re right. Are you kidding me? I don’t look at those things, I really don’t, but wow.”

If only he could be that excited when he’s updating his resume.

And just for fun, here’s a gallery of bulldogs wearing funny outfits:

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