Georgia WR Chris Conley’s Long-Awaited ‘Star Wars’ Fan Film Is Finally Here

If he doesn’t end up in the NFL, Georgia Bulldogs wide receiver Chris Conley might just have a future for himself in Disney’s expanded Star Wars universe. Last December, Conley took to Twitter to recruit fellow Star Wars enthusiasts to help him put together what was supposed to be just an epic campus lightsaber duel, but he ended up receiving so much positive feedback and interest from people across campus, that he decided to turn it into the short fan film Retribution.

In April, he released the trailer and it basically revealed what anyone would have expected – a fan-made tribute with cheesy effects and acting. Still, the presumably-busy student-athlete had a vision and he saw it through to the very end, because he finally released Retribution on YouTube over the weekend, and it’s very impressive.

If you give Conley credit for anything, it should be that the guy certainly knows how to throw a dig at Florida Gators fans.