German Coach Has A Booger, Is Hungry

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07.12.10 3 Comments

Germany’s World Cup team finished the 2010 tournament with a victory over Uruguay Saturday to capture third place, after displaying what was arguably the most exciting offense of any team. Die Mannschaft (Ed. – hehehehehehehe!) received unexpected goals from wild headers to top Uruguay, and a lot of credit is due to Germany’s coach Joachim Löw. The 50-year old German coach helped guide his team of young stars to the country’s second-consecutive third place finish, as the Germans were ousted by eventual World Cup champion Italy in 2006 and the 2010 champion Spain.

So what exactly fuels a guy like Löw? Quite simple – boogers. While professional athletes and coaches can’t expect to focus on the presence of cameras at all times, it’s not beyond the realm of common sense to not, you know, pick your nose and eat it in front of a worldwide audience. But cultural acceptance be damned, because Löw not only did the dirty deed once, but twice.

By the way, I should add that Löw is a highly regarded sex symbol in Germany. That was only one instance of his desire for nostril cuisine, mind you. Luckily, some wonderful chaps at this English talk show found additional footage.

Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t it a bit odd that the English are questioning Germans about hygiene? That’d be like the French questioning the Spanish about child drinking laws.

(Credit to William J. Simmons)

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