Germany Knows What College Should Be About

When you look at the state of colleges and universities in America, the conversation almost always turns to sports. On any given week, the headlines will be about whether or not student athletes deserve to be paid or if the government should be involved with eliminating the BCS in favor of a playoff system. Hell, this week is simply being dominated by the news of Joe Paterno’s resignation after 45 years as head coach at Penn State because his former defensive coordinator allegedly sexually abused young boys. Obviously, I’m not saying that isn’t huge news, but it just goes to show that we constantly neglect the true importance of college – an education.
Thankfully, Germany knows that education is the key to success. After all, why is all of Europe turning to Germany for economic help now? Is it because Germany is full of billionaires? Sure, that helps. But it’s also full of nerds, who spend more time studying than worrying about which conference their school’s team is going to join. And to help spread educational awareness, 24 students from the Technical University in Dresden made a calendar to show off their brains. And yes, I mean they almost got naked.

(Via The Local, and something for ze ladies with the men’s calendar available here.)