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As the NFL approaches its first year without a salary cap since 1993, the concept of parity between its 32 teams seems to be disappearing as well. And lopsided games like the 6 blowouts on yesterday’s slate are making life difficult for the Las Vegas sportsbooks, which is good news for…everyone that’s not working at a sportsbook.

The Buccaneers, Rams and Browns are a combined 1-20 straight up and 6-15 against the spread this season…Not to mention the Chiefs and Raiders, a combined 3-11 straight up and 5-9 against the spread.[..]

”When you give a team 14 points at home or 15 points at a neutral site, you think you’re doing the right thing,” [Las Vegas Hilton sports book director Jay] Kornegay said. ”In the past, you would hardly ever see a team getting 14 points at home. But some of these teams are so terrible, you might see it on a weekly basis. It creates a bad situation for the sports books when the bad teams don’t cover, because liability adds up real fast. –Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Kornegay said that sportsbooks will need to “aggressively adjust” lines for games involving bad teams. This is horrible. We can’t let these poor sportsbooks keep losing money. Is it too late to get Vegas in on the next bailout package. With all the wagers being placed in those expensive hotels and restaurants, it’s a wonder that city has managed to survive as long as it has…

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