10.24.08 10 years ago 9 Comments

Reggie and Deuce celebrate screwing fantasy owners for the second year in a row

By now you know all about the traffic stop-cum-pot bust for Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes, which, if he pleads guilty or admits to marijuana use, will land him a four-game suspension.

But there could be many more drug suspensions on the way, as one report says the NFL has produced a “rash” of positive tests for steroids.  Ruh roh.

The source told FOX 31’s Josina Anderson Friday morning that New Orleans Saints’ running back Deuce McAllister, and defensive end Will Smith were included in the web of positive tests.

“There are about six to ten overall positive tests. Three to four of them are from the Saints organization alone including McAllister and Smith.”

Sorry, did I miss anything?  I was away from the blog for a few moments while I was picking up Pierre Thomas in my fantasy league.  Now let’s hope Roger Goodell can suspend Deuce before Reggie Bush gets healthy.  I mean, uh, shame on them for using drugs!

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