Get Up, Lars Eller, The Hit Wasn’t That Ba- OH MY GOD

This is what happens when you get hit and your face makes a beeline for the ice.

The guy in an Olympic-sized pool of his own blood is Lars Eller of the Montreal Canadiens. He was minding his own business when Ottawa’s Eric Gryba decided to paint a beautiful portrait on the ice in the medium of broken nose. He also used a touch of “concussion” and heavy strokes of “making a dude faceplant against his will.”

Here’s a fairly graphic clip of the hit, courtesy of Hockey Video HD, assuming you’d like to see the blood actually leaving his face.

Gryba ended up with a five minute major for the hit, when he should’ve been punished with the rarer “everybody on the Canadiens gets to attack Eric Gryba with sticks for five minutes.”

[h/t to OTBS]