A Baseball Team Used The Dancing Pallbearers Meme In A Home Run Celebration

The first meme crafted during social distancing has made it to baseball via a home run celebration. Of course, we’re talking about the Coffin Dance/Dancing Pallbearers meme, which features very good dancing from Ghana used to particularly morbid effect.

Not to meme-splain, but you’ve probably seen the Ghanian pallbearers meme in some version in recent days, even if you didn’t know what it was. The video originated from a BBC explainer from 2017 on a group of pallbearers who will dance with a coffin of mourners want a “more upbeat” funeral procession. In early April, footage of them dancing in elaborate costumes were spliced into videos to look like the aftermath of extremely dangerous, often life-threatening activities. It was a very morbid, but big, hit in a world where there isn’t much to do other than circulate old Jeopardy! clips.

Despite being a few weeks old by now the meme still has considerable legs, as evidenced by this Mario Kart-themed version that surfaced earlier on Friday.

It’s fairly common that these memes leak into the sports world, especially via celebrations. And since Taiwanese baseball is basically the only thing going on right now, it was inevitable that the meme would pop up in a celebration first.

Chu Yu Hsien’s second home run of the day here was enough for Lamigo Monkeys to celebrate by grabbing some bats and dancing like the Ghanian pallbearers. Extra credit goes here to them performing the musical accompaniment here as well. It’s really tremendous work all around. Including this response image that you should definitely add to your Twitter rotation.

And yes, this is the same league that has robots cheering for teams in spectator-less venues, proving you don’t need fans to have some extremely viral fun.