Giancarlo Stanton’s Latest Absurd Act Of Power Was This Monstrous 504-Foot Home Run

Giancarlo Stanton is known for mashing home runs that no one else is capable of hitting. Coors Field, the home of the Colorado Rockies, is known for having the thinnest air in baseball, meaning that it’s the exact kind of place for a dude to hit a monster tater. Put the two together and you have this dinger, which Stanton hit against the Colorado Rockies on Saturday night.

Stanton got a pitch down the middle from Rockies pitcher Chad Bettis. It went 88 miles per hour right down the center of the plate, which is the kind of pitch that any major leaguer can punish, let alone a dude like Stanton, who will hit a pitch like that out of the park.

And my goodness, did Stanton hit this ball out of the park. The ball traveled 504 feet into left center, making this the farthest-hit dinger that we’ve seen in 2016. Plus while the sheer distance of this thing is impressive, the fact that Stanton hit this on more or less a line drive is even more amazing – according to Statcast, which has never recorded a baseball hit this far, the ball left Stanton’s bat at just over 115 miles per hour at a pretty low angle.

Few, if any, things in baseball are more impressive than when Stanton makes a pitcher pay for making a mistake. If you never knew why, watching him blast a homer more than 500 feet is proof of this.