01.13.09 9 years ago 9 Comments

No matter how many times you read stories about people’s cars burning at stadium parking lots because they parked on top of burning coals, people still go to stadium parking lots and park over burning coals. And shockingly, their cars burn. And sometimes, if you’ve been good little boys and girls, Santa makes sure that one of those cars is a Porsche. Ever met a likable person with a Porsche? Me neither.

Anyway, after the Giants played like ass and lost on Sunday, some drunk Giants decided to make the most of the situation by attacking a couple of the destroyed vehicles with an aluminum bat and their sneaker-adorned feet of fury. I can’t decide if this is the most rational reaction possible or the biggest display of drunken douchebaggery in recent history. The video evidence definitely suggests the latter, though.

More Porsche destruction after the jump, courtesy The 700 Level (times two).

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