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A huge brawl that left a man dead has led to Greece halting all team sports in the country for the next two weeks. What sexy sport incited the violence? Women's volleyball.

Witnesses say about 300 fans fought using clubs, knives and stones. Police detained 18 people during the violence, which Greek media reports suggested had been arranged by fans ahead of the match. The 25-year-old man who died had head injuries and stab wounds, doctors said…

"We had warned that this game was dangerous," the head of Greece's volleyball federation, Thanassis Beligratis, was quoted… as saying.

Oh, that's just like Thanassis to be there with an "I told you so." What a dick. Nobody likes Thinasses.

You can't blame the fans, though. If someone told me I was going to a women's volleyball match, and it turned out to be the kind of volleyball on a hardcourt instead of beach volleyball, you can bet your sweet A I'd cave someone's skull in.

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