Gilbert Melendez’s Leg Looks Like A Horrifying Sausage One Day After His UFC 215 Fight

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UFC 215 turned into a really rough night for Gilbert Melendez, who was making his featherweight debut following a surprising 4 fight losing skid at lightweight. Welcoming him to the division was Jeremy Stephens, who caught Melendez with multiple leg kicks that wrecked Gilbert’s shin and left him limping through the rest of the fight to a lopsided 30-26, 30-26, and 30-25 decision.

His leg was so bad that coaches had to convince him to go back out for the third round, a dangerous proposition given how leg injuries can easily turn into knee injuries that leave you injured and sidelined for a year and a half. But according to Gilbert’s wife Keri, he made it through the fight without any permanent damage, which is pretty impressive considering the softball sized lump his leg had developed by the end of the fight. Here’s some photos of the damage from the day after the event:

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