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Some of us can’t wait for the pugnacious woman-on-woman action stemming from Gina Carano’s matchup with Christine “Cyborg” Santos [She’s from the future! And apparently Spanish! –Ed.] that’s headlining the Strikeforce Pay-Per-View-type thinger this Saturday, which is actually on Showtime. Carano is a +160 favorite underdog, meaning that you degenerates would win $160 by betting $100, while Santos is a -170 fave.

Look, if this were a beauty contest we know who would win, just like we know who would be hired to work security. But this is a fight. Carano’s greatest strength is her stand-up, which is exactly where Santos wants this fight. If it becomes a kickboxing match, Carano has to rely on being the better technician or else she’ll get steamrolled by Cyborg’s superior power. And honestly? Nothing we’ve seen so far from Carano makes us think that she’s quite that slick. Cyborg takes this via late TKO. via.

Picking the Brazilian against my secret MMA girlfriend? For shame. I’d be happy to see this fight go the distance, as it might be the only non-Lesnar-Fedor matchup that can drag me to somebody’s house that actually has Showtime. Or cocaine. I’m not much of a fight expert; I doubt I could tell the difference.

Other MMA news: UFC is poised to replay portions of their recent PPV event, UFC 100, on Spike TV Saturday night starting at 10pm ET, overlapping the Strikeforce event and potentially hurting the latter’s ability to draw eyeballs to its big show. That’s what makes Dana White such a worthy opponent…UFC also has opened an online store that exclusively sells PRIDE memorabilia. Even though the people that have long owned UFC bought the Tokyo MMA promotion in 2007, it still seems a bit early to be nostalgic…Randy Couture appears poised to host his second annual “Operation All-In” poker tournament, whose proceeds will support Couture’s foundation for helping wounded military veterans.

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