Gina Carano Chokes Out Jim Norton, Gives YouTube Something Weird To Masturbate To

Pro Wrestling Editor
01.18.12 6 Comments

Comedian Jim Norton has a history of letting visiting MMA stars incapacitate him for the enjoyment of the Opie & Anthony radio audience, and while clips of him getting heel hooked by Brock Lesnar or being guillotine choked by Cain Velasquez are funny, they’re missing the important “i want to worship her anus” comments that make an Internet video successful. Enter: this clip of Haywire leading lady and sorta-kinda-still-MMA-star Gina Carano choking out Jimmy on Tuesday’s show.

If you need to know why this is basically the best thing that can happen to a man, here’s what she says before she does it:

“I’m just gonna squeeze your throat real quick. I love that I have heels on. It makes it so much easier.”


They should bring on Cris Cyborg next and see if Jimmy gurgles and taps out when she jams a needle into his ass cheek.

[h/t to Cage Potato]

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