Here’s Gina Carano In A Red Dress, Murdering An Entire Nightclub Of Bad Actors In ‘In The Blood’

Remember last month when we shared the trailer for former-slash-possibly-future MMA star Gina Carano’s In The Blood, a Payback-meets-FarCry 3 affair where she throws Superman Punches and fights Machete? Remember how it had some of the worst dialogue in the world? “Where you gonna run little rabbit, you’re in MY ISLAND!”

Thanks to this clip from ESPN (by way of MiddleEasy) we can confirm that the fights are just as bad as the dialogue. I know you want to see Gina Carano wearing a red dress and beating up an entire nightclub, right?

It’s got everything. Unnecessary upskirt shots. Blurred-out nipples. ARMBARS. Broken bones that sound like punches. Random hair-pulling ladies who I guess have not just watched her dismantled 20 dudes. Gina Carano will get her husband back BY PULLING OUT ANY WEAVE NECESSARY.