This 9-Year-Old Girl Somehow Reeled In A 95-Pound Fish That Is Literally Bigger Than Her

It is the day after the MLB All-Star Game, the deadest day on the sports calendar. There are no games, no NBA free agents signing and only an ESPN awards show that gives athletes trophies, because it’s about time someone stepped up and filled that void.

So today, we bring you the story of 9-year-old Emma Zajdel, who broke the Maryland state fishing record by catching the biggest cobia on record — 94.6 pounds. The previous record of 79 pounds was held by Jack Latimer, who is presumably an adult man. Kids rule!

She fell short of the overall world record but may get a different award. From CNN:

And while Emma’s fish doesn’t quite hit the world record mark of 135.9 pounds (61.5 kg), Maryland’s Natural Resources officials said that Emma’s catch could become the new “International Game Fish Association Small Fry World Record for a fish caught by an angler under the age of 10.”

So basically: “Congrats on setting the overall state record, but you may also win an award with ‘small fry’ in the name.”

This story is inspirational for girls everywhere. Heck, it’s inspirational for everyone, as Emma woke up, left her house and caught something that made the news and it had nothing to do with Pokemon Go.

(Via CNN)