Girls Shouldn’t Play Sports

04.09.10 9 years ago 9 Comments

Allow me to present to you reason no. 1,943,531 why chicks shouldn’t participate in sports (insert joke from The Simpsons here). But if they are going to play basketball, at least stick with the uncoordinated waist-high dribbling, slo-mo bounce passes and layups, not an attempt to climb up the back of your teammate for a, um, even better layup?

And yes, I know that this video has been making its way around the ‘tubes this week, but I am also aware that the average With Leather reader is only let out of their enclosure to play on the internet for an hour a day, and there is a good chance you haven’t seen it. Believe me, I know how that goes. It has only been one short year since I broke my rusty cage….and ran. Crap, I’m still trying to clean up all the blood.

The video is truly remarkable. Who knows what these gals were trying to accomplish, but we should thank “Kelsey” and her accomplice for their nonathletic efforts. One thing could improve the video, though: some “Yakety Sax”. Add a little video editing – some comical speeding up, slowing down and playing the video in reverse and you got yourself a hit right there. To my credit, I did try to do this myself, but after researching how much work that would entail (downloading video editing software, music, etc.), I became lightheaded, passed out and smacked my forehead on my desk. When I came to, yep, you guessed it: more blood to clean up.

(Thanks, Uff, Burnsy)

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