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Gisele Bundchen, the supermodel wife of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady that people often call “ugly” just to feel better about themselves, gave birth to Tom Brady’s second child back in December. But Gisele let one detail slip about the birth during an interview with Brazilian mag Fantástico:

In the interview, Bündchen dispels reports that she went into labor and was taken to a Boston-area hospital. Instead, she says, “I gave birth in the bathtub,” at the couple’s Beacon Hill penthouse.

“Gisele gives off simplicity, spirituality, shows that she has concern with living well, being happy and, now, with being an excellent mom,” the reporter recounts in a preview of Fantástico’s interview. –People, via I’m Not Obsessed.

I’m no expert, but trying to drown the kid before he can full pop out of the womb doesn’t sound like “excellent” parenting. But seriously, I guess this is like the trendy thing now, even though some people aren’t crazy about it. This is barely related to sports, anyway. Be sure to check back Monday when we’ll discuss how women brush their teeth during menopause.

UPDATE: Comments on this post have been turned off because some of you idiots out there haven’t realized the meaning of sarcasm. See? I just linked it for you. Go check it out, and take your debate elsewhere.

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