Give Fantasy Football A Second Chance: Sign Up For Free & Win $1K With FanDuel

Tired of missing out on our free fantasy football games? Need money to take care of any random children you’ve had in the last year? Here’s your chance!

In case you missed last week’s announcement, With Leather is teaming up with to bring you a one night, totally free fantasy football competition that could win you cold hard cash from a $1000 pool. It goes down on Sunday, September 9 (and Monday night, the 10th, to get in the Monday Night Football game) and … that’s it. You sign up for free, play a little and win tons of money. We don’t spam you, we don’t take you to court for alimony, nothing.

Here’s how it works:

There’s no real restrictions on signing up, so head over to FanDuel and do that as soon as you can. Just don’t draft anyone from the early week game, because they aren’t eligible. Oh, and don’t draft anyone who seems like a character from USA’s ‘Necessary Roughness’, real or fictional. Drafting Tebow is also probably a terrible idea.

See you on September 9!