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Whatever the U.S. population is, you can soon add 8. Don't look at me – the state of Illinois sterilized me while I was in the joint due to an old anti-Irish eugenics policy that was still on the books. 8 Cuban acrobat jugglers disappeared before a performance in Mexico last week and are presumed heading northward to take advantage of the "wet foot, dry foot"policy:

"They arrived on Thursday, bought cell phones, and by eight in the morning on Friday they were gone," said Guadalupe Navarro, a spokeswoman for the Queretaro fair . . . The performers, trained in the circus tradition of the former Soviet Union but with added Cuban dance rhythms, are from a school whose graduates and students have toured the world for two decades . . .  The remaining Cuban performers scrambled to find replacement artists for a delicate pole-climbing act by calling on fellow Cuban circus performers living in Mexico.

I know some lovely ladies who were trained in Soviet circus traditions and are experts in delicate pole-climbing. I've only seen them perform to Nelly's "It's Getting Hot in Here", but I'm sure they could do it to Cuban dance rhythms. Is juggling a sport? If it gives me the slightest reason to post a pic of the lovely Cuban-American Eva Mendes, then yes it is. -KD  

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