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The Harlem Globetrotters helped close down the old Philadelphia Spectrum last night in an interesting way–they played a game on the roof. Wow. I guess the sign on the front door read “WHITES ONLY.”

In one of their more bizarre locales since playing a fearsome fivesome of robots on Gilligan’s Island, the Globetrotters said farewell to the Spectrum on Thursday with a game against the Washington Generals on the roof of the soon-to-be demolished arena.

It was a rare chance for the Globetrotters to raise the roof before the roof gets razed.

“It’s another crazy idea that we do,” said Special K, real name Kevin Daley.

“You’re going down,” was more than trash talk, it was a legitimate scare.

The Spectrum roof was 120 feet above the basketball floor in the arena. The Globetrotters will play two more games in Philadelphia this weekend, but their chances of qualifying for the NCAA tournament this year are pretty slim. Probably because they’re not affiliated with any college whatsoever.

[International Herald Tribune, as seen on FanIQ]

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