The Massive Role-Playing Board Game ‘Gloomhaven’ Is Coming To PC

05.10.19 2 weeks ago

Asmodee Digital


Gloomhaven might be the biggest board game you’ve been hoping a friend drops a Benjamin on so you don’t have to. But soon, you won’t need to. The massive board game/RPG is getting its expansive story transformed into a turn-based tactical RPG, and Asmodee Digital has started giving some details about what a Gloomhaven video game looks like.

The Isaac Childres board game was a massive success on Kickstarter because, well, it’s massive. A new copy of the game weighs nearly 22 pounds and routinely sells for more than $100. And it works because it’s a highly detailed RPG world filled with 95 different scenarios and dozens of stickers, map pieces, traps and other necessities of RPG worlds all in one box.

Gamers loved the story and randomness that comes in a more traditional board game package, even if it is a big one. And later this summer, much of the same Gloomhaven stories will come to PC. Asmodee revelaed the game will ahve 17 playable characters, and earlier in the week it shared details about the first four: a stealthy Human Scoundrel, a versatile Savvas Cragheart, a tank (Inox Brute) and the “powerful but fragile” Orchid Spellweaver.

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