Glory Kickboxing Just Produced This Nasty Spinning Kick Knockout

UFC’s Fight Pass has bolstered its ranks by adding Glory Kickboxing to the already deep library of live shows and promotions on the platform. Tonight, Glory kicked off (See what I did there) with the previously Spike-broadcasted show running opposite Bellator 150. That’s some high-level combat sport trolling if you ask us, but most of all, the highlight of the night thus far comes from Guto Inocente, who obliterated Demoreo Dennis with a spinning back kick that sent his consciousness into orbit.

The fight took place just outside of Chicago, which probably places a few of Dennis’ brain cells close to Milwaukee, where CM Punk is training. Watch the slow motion replay below, then watch it again. Incredible. The strike couldn’t have been more perfect.

Thankfully, medical staff was able to attend to Dennis quickly, and he’s recovering backstage.

Kickboxing will one day be the combat sport of choice if they can ever find a consistent broadcast home. That’s probably why Bellator Kickboxing is going to become a thing.