Go To A Florida Panthers Game, You Might Go Home With A Piece Of Your Favorite Player’s Skull

So, uh, this is pretty gross.

The Florida Panthers visited Washington to play the Capitals on Friday, and (bad segue alert) I am going to type in CAPITAL LETTERS about how gross it was when Panthers winger Krystofer Barch pulls his own tooth and throws it at fans. I’m not sure what to write about it other than why the f*ck did you do this, dude and maybe a comparison to that “I can smell your c*nt” guy who throws his seed at Jodie Foster in Silence Of The Lambs.

Here’s the clip:

The NHL video says Barch “pretended” to throw the tooth, but live reports from the game refute that. Regardless, this is the third tooth-related self-dentistry in the NHL this month. Islanders forward John Tavares picked a winner earlier this month …

… and just four days ago Pascal Dupuis of the Penguins pulled out two.

If you plan to attend a hockey game this season, bring a butterfly net and maybe you’ll go home with a shard from your favorite player’s skull. Congratulations on being a very Marge Simpsons-specific kind of weird.