Goalie Fight!

02.03.11 7 years ago 6 Comments

Fights in hockey have always been a key part of the game, for entertaining and also strategic reasons, but rarely do you get to see the goaltenders ever scrap it out. When it does happen, however, it’s always a delight, even if the fight itself is shitty. The pure action of seeing two guys trying to beat each other up while wearing tons of padding and pants that look like they belong in a maternity store is truly beautiful. That was the case with last night’s fight between Rick DiPietro and Brent Johnson, of the New York Islanders and Pittsburgh Penguins, respectively. Although DiPietro ends on the losing side of the scuffle, he does get points for knocking down Matt Cooke right before. F-ck Matt Cooke. Name me someone who likes Matt Cooke and I’ll show you an asshole. It won’t be my asshole, though. That will cost you a nice dinner and fun evening.

Video after the jump.

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