God Bless The Internet: KU Boobs Makes The Kansas Jayhawks No. 1 In Our Book

Senior Writer
01.16.13 20 Comments

I have a confession to make – since my favorite NCAA men’s basketball team, UCF, is currently serving a one-year postseason ban for all sorts of cheating goodness, I’ve been a little less than enthusiastic about the 2012-13 season. However, I did start catching up the other day for the sake of giving some more coverage around these parts, and what I’ve learned is:

  • Kentucky sucks.
  • UNC sucks.
  • Duke is starting to suck.
  • Louisville is awesome.

I’m sure there’s some more important information that I need to catch up on, but the people on the Tweeters, as well as my crack research team and fact checkers have told me that the above information is completely correct. That said, I have apparently been missing the hottest gimmick Twitter account on this entire planet in @KUboobs, which is nothing but pictures of female Kansas Jayhawks fans showing off their rock and chalk, so to speak. And this has been around for almost a year. Shame on you, research team.
Look, I’m usually the first to decry a worn out or retread meme or Internet fad. But all of you female coeds out there, from the University of Miami to Washington State, listen to me very clearly – DO THIS FOR YOUR SPORTS TEAM. Seriously, start a new Twitter account now – like @ArizonaStateBoobs, for example, and by example I mean someone specifically do that one now – and get your school’s female fans to show their mostly-SFW pride for their college basketball team. Let’s ride this one out for all it’s worth until someone inevitably starts @PrincetonBulge and it’s all ruined.

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