Golden Tate Juked A Pair Of Defenders So Badly That They Looked Like They Slipped On Ice

Associate Editor

Golden Tate is really good at stopping on a dime and going in an opposite direction. Defenders must hate this, because Detroit’s receiver is capable of making them look bad on any play. While Tate hasn’t had his best year as a pro, he is capable of busting out a big play every now and then.

Two dudes on the Rams learned this the hard way. Tate caught a missile from Matthew Stafford, then busted out two separate jump cuts that made defenders slide on the turf like they were on ice. First up was Cody Davis, who Tate blew past so badly that he kind of fell backwards. Then Troy Hill got his opportunity to go at Tate, and Tate’s change in direction was so nasty that Hill slid about two yards before going to the ground. Just look at how the little rubber bits on the turf flew in the air because Hill’s cleats slid with so much force.

This play somehow wasn’t called a touchdown even though it looked like Tate made it in. The ruling on the field said that Hill got his hand on Tate’s foot and he was down at the one-yard line. Anquan Boldin scored two plays later, but let’s be honest, Tate deserves most of the credit for the Lions scoring on this drive.

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