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The International Olympic Committee voted on Friday to reinstate golf and rugby as Olympic events and the two sports will make their return in the 2016 Olympics in Rio di Janeiro. Golf was approved 63-27 and rugby was voted in 81-8, a reversal of when the IOC voted four years ago to not allow golf and rugby in the 2012 Olympic Games. Suck on that, Chicago!

Several members of the IOC were upset how golf and rugby were essentially rammed down their throats by the executive board, specifically Canadian representative Dick Pound.

The selection process angered some IOC members, who wanted all seven sports put to a vote by the entire assembly. Senior Canadian member Dick Pound complained before the vote that the members were never told why the two sports were selected over the other five.

“It is not fair to the other five sports,” Pound said. “Because you decided the way you did, it is not a transparent process.”

Heh. Dick Pound. I wish that was my name. Do you think he actually is proud of it? Is it possible that he has partnered up with Dick Armey to lead a secret society of Dicks?

Rugby was last included as an Olympic event in 1924 and the last time golf was included in the Olympics was at the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis.

Golf will stage a 72-hole stroke-play tournament for men and women, with 60 players in each field. Rugby will organize a four-day seven-a-side tournament – instead of the more traditional 15-a-side game – for 12 men’s and women’s teams. Golf will stage a 72-hole stroke-play tournament for men and women, with 60 players in each field. via.

That all sounds well and good, but there is only one problem: Rio has only two golf courses, and my guess is they aren’t in the condition that world-class golfers have grown accustomed to. So good luck with all that, Rio. My guess is they have about a good a chance at working out this clusterbang as I do understanding what in the hell is going on in a game of rubgy. Seriously, I’ve tried many times and I’m still lost. Granted, I find the rules of Twister confusing. It doesn’t help that I’m colorblind, but still.

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