This Is What Happens When Someone Crashes A Golf Cart Into A Fire Hyrdrant

The PGA Tour is at the AT&T Byron Nelson in Texas this weekend. It’s a nice, quiet event to kick off the weeks between The Players Championship and the The U.S. Open, one where…wait, crap, who crashed their golf cart into a fire hydrant?

Someone tweeted out this video of the aftermath of a head-to-head contest between a golf cart and a fire hydrant. You can argue that the golf cart won because it forced the fire hydrant to spray water everywhere, but we have to rule the fire hydrant the victor of this matchup. Just look at how much water sprays everywhere! That’s so much water! There’s no way it didn’t mess up the cart and all of the people within a 10-foot radius in some way.

Also, a special shout out goes to the dude in the red for looking so upset. It’s ok, buddy. We all make mistakes every once in a while. Just dry off, get on another golf cart, and next time you know that you shouldn’t drive into a fire hydrant.

(via SB Nation)