Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders And The Radio City Rockettes Made A First Pitch As Weird As Possible

Pro Wrestling Editor
09.17.13 2 Comments

Holly Sander first pitch

We’ve covered a lot of first pitch videos at With Leather, from the good (Bill Nye, a man with no arms, the robot who pitches via satellite for sick kids) to the spectacularly bad (Carly Rae Jepsen, Tiffany Hwang from Girls’ Generation, Johnny Football). Very rarely do we hit that sweet spot when a first pitch isn’t necessarily bad, but is weird enough that we can watch it with our heads tilted sideways.

The Tampa Bay Rays have given us TWO first pitches we can watch like that.

The following video contains both:

1. Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders executing a “first chip,” using a golf club to chip a baseball across the plate

2. Two representatives from the Radio City Rockettes doing a little routine where one lobs the ball about a foot off the pitcher’s mound, so the other one kicks in circles until she’s close enough to the catcher and lets it rip.

Spoiler alert: this is all pretty weird.

Ah well, it’s still more normal than the time a dead Japanese girl rose from the bottom of a well to throw out the first pitch. Thanks to Sports Grid for the tip.

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