This Hero Cashier Used A Golf Club To Thwart A Terrible Robber

In what could be a deleted scene from The Town, a convenience store employee foiled a cash register heist perpetrated by a man in a Boston Bruins hat.

If the hat wasn’t enough to convince you this is a sports story, the employee prevented the robbery in Methuen, Massachusetts, with only a golf putter. It looks like the robber, who was armed with a knife, was going for the green but the employee was putting for the dough (cue late-night talk show studio audience laughter).

Could this act of bravery be a metaphor for the Bruins season?

Consider the man in the hat general manager Don Sweeney. He arrives on the scene of a profitable, well-liked business and tries to tear it apart through force. The clerk, who is Stanley Cup-winning coach Claude Julien in this tale, is defending his territory with passion. You won’t get rid of him so easily, Don, not even if you attempt to tear him down and make off with the goods. You won’t make him rebuild his store.

Well, he’ll have to fix that door, but that’s it!

As the man fled, one can only hope the employee said, “I’ll see you again, this side or the other.”