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Carbon Poker‘s blog tells us the story of Dusty Schmidt, aka “Leatherass,” who’s already my second-best friend but doesn’t know it yet. He’s an online poker pro, internet entepreneur, and competitive amateur golfer. At least he was…before he put the feelers out for the greatest prop bet ever.

Schmidt offered up a cool $1 Million prop bet to anyone that could beat him in 10 Heads Up matches and 72 holes of golf. Although no one took the action, it generated a lot of press for Schmidt and unfortunately grabbed the attention of the USGA.

The USGA pulled his amateur status, citing the Puritan’s catch-all “spirit of the game” provision. Schmidt is now suing to get his “A” back in US District Court–citing that no one answered his challenge. Oh, and he’s representing himself. From the monolith:

“I consider myself a golfer that more or less stumbled into this poker thing, and along the way picked up what I believe are these misconceptions about who I am and what I do,” he said. “I think that doesn’t sit well with the USGA.”

Obviously, I’m siding withe the guy named Leatherass. Schmidt actually regained his “A” after petitioning the USGA after a pro career shortened by a heart attack. At 23. Even this guy’s brushes with death are awesome. It’s a scary day for me if I even leave the apartment.

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