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A golfer in Iowa had 2 hole-in-ones in the same round:

MUSCATINE, Iowa – Luck doesn't even to begin to describe golfer Ted Kemp's round on Monday. Kemp, a 12-handicapper, knocked in holes-in-one on back-to-back par 3s at the Muscatine Municipal Golf Course.
Kemp used a pitching wedge to sink his tee shot on the 3rd hole from 130 yards out. Then, after remarking to his group that it would be something if he repeated his feat, he did just that. Kemp grabbed an 8-iron and nailed a hole-in-one from 182 yards out on the 8th hole. Kemp says the feat was more luck than skill, calling it "pretty unreal." He finished the day with a 78. A study by Golf Digest in 2000 said that the odds of getting two holes-in-one in the same round is 67 million to one.

Wow, that's even worse than the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field or surviving an attack on an Imperial Star Destroyer. Seriously, where did Golf Digest get those odds. I think they just pulled that number out thin air. Kind of like when I'm golfing and my partners ask for my score on hole. Hey, I can't look bad in front of clients I'm entertaining or the comely beer cart girl who I've tipped generously to fondle the ball washer. I always hope the liquor lass will give me some extra special treatment, and, if so, you can read about in the monthly digest I read – Penthouse Forum. It truly is the gentlemen's game. -KD 

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