Golf’s Newest Hazard? RATTLESNAKES!

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As if it’s not already difficult enough to go out and play a game that involves hitting a tiny ball into a tiny hole that is very far away from you, a gentleman in California discovered a whole new problem that would have me lighting my clubs on fire and vowing to never suck at golf again. Marine and Vietnam veteran Stephen Wiese was playing a round at the Catta Verdera Country Club in Lincoln, California, but a snag that he hit on the 11th hole probably earned him a rain check and then some. While searching for his ball after an errant drive on the 483-yard Par 5, Wiese was bitten by a rattlesnake that snuck up on him out of nowhere.

“Kind of walked around for a couple of minutes and went, ‘OK, let’s forget it,’” Wiese told Sacramento’s KTXL. “(I) started to walk back to the cart and bam.”

“No sounds, no warnings, it was just BAM. And the minute he hit me, I knew I had been hit.” (Via the NY Daily News)

To his credit, Wiese seems to have a good sense of humor or at least perspective of the situation, as he told his story to the Fox 40 news crew. He claims that he kept his cool, went to the hospital for treatment, and was soon back home as if it almost never happened. He even blamed himself and not the snake, as if it was his fault for not being able to hit the ball straight. That’ll teach him!

Meanwhile, this is what it would look like if a rattlesnake bit me at any time, let alone while I was playing golf:


Because I would set myself on fire, you see.

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