Good News, Binge-Drinking Bros: ‘Alcohockey’ Combines Air Hockey With Booze

Another day, another piece of evidence that American innovation is dead and buried. From a Canadian Imgur user comes this new take on the classic tailgate pastime and solution to boredom for underage drinkers everywhere, beer pong. “Alcohockey” takes a traditional air hockey table and combines it with the youthful desire to put ourselves dangerously close to death and hinder ourselves with a lifetime of addiction and disease, and it looks pretty damn fantastic.

Although, my only question would be why anyone would even bother playing defense? It’s the same thing I wonder when people try to blow the ball out of a cup when playing beer pong. Sure, you want to win, I get that. But the longer that beer sits in the cup, the warmer it gets. Except, of course, in… damn you, Canada.

(H/T to Lookit)